Gown Cleaning Prices

Wedding Gown Cleaning Prices

Each gown is different in size, fabric, number of layers, sequins, bead, amount of dirt at bottom, food stains, wine stains, grass stains, lip-stick, makeup, sweat stains etc., concentration of dirt,  difficulty of cleaning, etc., therefore the price is quoted based on the amount of work required, difficulty of cleaning, time required, pressing, you would like to preserve it in a “Gown Preservation Box” or not etc.

We quote you the price after we see and inspect the gown (or the garment).  Our average gown cleaning, preservation or restoration price begins at $250 and up.  Some gowns may cost less while some may cost more.

The “Preservation Box” comes in different sizes such as Christening Box [small], then small Gown to large gown and they vary from $50 for Christening box to $75+ for extra large.  It just depends on the gown size.  The box charge is separate from the cleaning charge because some brides do not want it boxed and just on the hanger and in the bag.

You want to see the Gown before boxing it???
No, problem.  You are more than welcome to come by to see the gown before we put it in the box.  We have nothing to hide.  In fact, we prefer that you check it out before it is boxed.  Alternatively, since we take few pictures, we can text or email those before and after pictures to you.  So it is your record as well as you can share with your friends and family.  Just make sure you provide us with your current email address.

All Wedding Gowns are processed In-House by us.

Personal Service
Wedding gown cleaning, preservation and restoration is a very personal service.  It is also personal for me because it is your Most Valuable Gown and it becomes my/our responsibility to process with 200% percent effort.  We take pride in doing our work.

Since this process is totally manual and is very personal to us – We take care and time to do the best we can to get the best result as possible for you and your wedding gown (or the garment) to clean or restore. And therefore, there is no substitute for THE PERSONAL SERVICE.

Wedding Gown Preservation Box

Wedding Gown Preservation Box