Bridal Gown Pressing

Wedding Gown Pressing
You are getting married this week, or you just got the gown in your hands from the local store or out of town gown vendor and it is all WRINKLED UP and it has lots of creases. What do you do?

Call us for wedding gown pressing and we can press it, steam it etc. and get it ready for you to wear it on your most memorable day of your life.Bride wearing Wedding Gown

Let us take care of your problem before it becomes a problem. Call us immediately for Bridal Gown Pressing at:

Please make an appointment to drop it off.  We will quote you the price when you bring it in.  Don’t wait for the last minute.  We may pick-up and deliver your gown if possible to arrange.  There will be additional charge for travel and urgency.

We will be glad to assist you in your most crunch time situation.

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Bridal Gown Preservation
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All Wedding Gowns are processed In-House by us.

Bridal Gown Pressing