Bridal Gown Cleaning

What is Gown Cleaning? and how it is done?

A wedding gown or (a garment) is first checked for material, condition, stains, spots, soil, sweat, etc.  After reviewing the gown (or the garment) those stained or affected areas are treated with appropriate chemicals to remove them with heat, steam, water etc.  Attempts are made to make sure that all stains are properly treated and stains have gotten faint and will most likely come out in the cleaning process.

After the cleaning, and drying, the gown is again inspected to make sure that all stains have come out.  If some stains did not come out then they are treated again to remove them.  There have been cases we end up treating and cleaning a gown 3 – 4 times, because our job is to do our best to make sure that “all” stains have come out to the best of our ability without damaging the material.

The gown is then pressed and or steamed.  We do press or steam EACH layer starting from inner layer to the outer layers.  As you can see it does take time and effort and careful “personal attention” to make sure that your gown looks “like new” when all said and done.

All Wedding Gowns are processed In-House by us.

Wedding Gown Cleaning, Preservation & Restoration Wedding Gown Cleaning, Preservation & Restoration

Wedding Gown Cleaning, Preservation & Restoration Wedding Gown Cleaning, Preservation & Restoration

Who processes the gown?

The gown is processed in-house by us from start to finish.  This is a husband and wife business, so we take care of everything from start to finish. My wife plays a support role in the whole process.  After we receive the gown, I inspect it, then I call you to go over the condition of the gown, discuss condition of the gown, material, beads, sequins, stains, length, dirt at bottom, and of course stains and spots.  Ask about age, whether to box or not, when you need it back by etc.

After discussing and agreeing the price, we make a note about the gown condition, services required, and any special instructions if necessary, in the “Gown Form”. We go over the stains, treat them and work on the spots, clean it, process it, and I press it. (sometimes my experienced presser presses it). I check the gown and take pictures of before and after and double check at the end to make sure that everything came out okay. I personally pack your beautiful wedding gown into the gold “Gown Preservation Box” and I ship it back you.

Spotting Chemicals

Spotting Chemicals

How long does it take to process the gown?

We generally take at least 2-3 weeks to process. Gown cleaning being so special, individualized and careful process which includes several steps (as explained above) starting with: careful inspection, stains treatment, spots removal, cleaning, drying, second careful inspection, re-spotting if spots or stains did not come out in the initial attempt, re-cleaning, re-drying, third inspection, steaming, pressing, fourth and final inspection before packaging, putting the gown in the box and finally shipping.

As you can see it is a personalized and gown specific process.  If the gown is big or large with many layers, sequins beads etc, it can take extra, extra care and time.

Can I see the gown after cleaning but before putting it in the box?

Absolutely, YES.  Why because we have nothing to hide.  We welcome you to come by and check out your wedding gown and even take pictures so you know that everything came out good and that you are happy with it.

Bride Inspecting the gown after cleaning

Bride Inspecting the gown after cleaning but before putting it in the box – for her satisfaction.

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